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Dating Advice for Men: Are you stuck in the friend’s zone?

0 Comments 04 April 2014

Hi there.

It’s Antoinette here.  I share the female perspective to finding your dream woman.  I wanted to ask you a few questions today.

Do you like a woman and she only wants to be your friend?

Are you attracted to her, but you she is only giving you signals of being a friend?

I get it.  It sucks being stuck in the friend zone.

Dating Advice for Men - Are you stuck in the friend's zone?

Want to learn the female perspective to what’s going on?

A woman does NOT want to be friends with a man who she sees and feels as a pushover.  If you are being too nice, then she can see you as a friend, but not someone she can be with long term.  Her feminine instinct says that you are friend quality, not a man who can protect her and make her feel safe.  She may not even know this is going on, but it’s a feeling inside of her. 

Do you feel that if you come on too strong you might push her away or seem to aggressive?

A woman needs man to be assertive and confident, but not aggressive and overbearing.  The modern drama-free woman needs a man who is embodying his confidence, strength and kindness, not a man who is wishy-washy and too nice.  The modern masculine man can be strong, yet sensitive at the same time. 

What do you do if you are stuck in the friend’s zone?

If you are stuck in the friend’s zone, and you don’t know what to do, here are some first steps:

Build your confidence as a man.  When you are confident and know who you are, then a woman will see you more than just a friend.  Write a list of things that you have to offer.  Read this list over and over again until you gain your confidence.

Claim your power as a man.  When you start to claim your power as a man, then you start to value yourself.  When you value yourself and see what you have to offer, then if she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t matter.  She is not the one.  You’ll start to understand that you have so much to offer that you won’t waste your time on women who don’t see you.

Go after what you want. When you go after what you want, this shows strength and power to a woman.  This is sexy to a modern, drama-free woman. 

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Antoinette Cabral  | 7 Obstacles Holding You Back From Finding Your Dream Woman






7 Obstacles Holding You Back From Finding Your Dream Woman

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Dating Advice for Men | Are you stuck in the friend's zone?









Antoinette Cabral | What women want from menWarmly,

Antoinette Cabral

Dating Coach and Dating Expert for Men

Dating Advice for Men, Men's Section

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