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How to be in a healthy relationship and the benefits of chocolate + pleasure by Antoinette Cabral

No Comments 08 February 2012

How are you?  Recently, I had a great time sharing with two great women on how to connect to their own inherent pleasure using chocolate.


Why chocolate?

Research has shown that eating dark chocolate and cacao has antioxidants that has been linked to

  • some of the hallmarks of good cardiovascular health
  • enhanced blood flow
  • healthy cholesterol
  • and reduced blood pressure

I looked up PLEASURE in the dictionary.  This is what is says:

1. The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified.
2. A source of enjoyment or delight.
3. Amusement, diversion, or worldly enjoyment.
4. Sensual gratification or indulgence.
A study by the research group ARISE shows that guilt can cause patients to deprive themselves of pleasure to the detriment of health.  Research has shown that pleasure and the enjoyment of pleasure enhances the immune system and well-being.
Let me ask you…which woman does not enjoy chocolate??
What if you were to combine PLEASURE + DARK CHOCOLATE?
Pleasure is the catalyst to open you up and become more feminine! With practice, the combination of chocolate, pleasure and other secret practices YOU CAN
  • Release the body blocks that are stored in your body that make you hard and over-masculine. When you are over giving, over doing, and over analyzing this creates a hard shell around your feminine body. This directly affects your dating and love life!!! When you release the body blocks, you will be able to MANIFEST THE RIGHT MAN TO YOU with greater ease.
  • Access your deeper intuition, so you make the right decisions when it comes to love and work.
  • Catapult your business success using feminine practices.
  • Experience more ease and grace in your dating and love life!

Sounds amazing right??

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To chocolate, pleasure and being FEMININE!!

Attract a Man Blog

How to be in a healthy relationship by Dating Coach ~ Antoinette Cabral

No Comments 01 February 2012

Hello beautiful!

How are you?

I had a great time this last weekend spending time with quality friends, sharing deep and fun conversations and enjoying yummy food.

I love spending time with woman who take care of themselves and love themselves daily because we call know that it’s a muscle that needs to be practices daily.

One of the conversations was brought up about how most women ~80% of you ~ DO NOT feel comfortable in their own bodies.

When they look in the mirror, there is criticism and judgement.

I know because I was like this for many, many years.  I did NOT know how to love myself because I was not taught to.  I grew up with a family where plastic surgery was the solution to feeling happy…..AND I was encouraged to get the same.  In addition, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin because of childhood rejection that I felt from EVERYONE around me.

In my first love relationship, I brought my low self esteem, lack of confidence and literally HATING the way that I looked in my own body.  Every day I would ask Matt if he loved me and thought I was beautiful.  I needed him to love me.  He grew tired of this and said, “If you were confident and comfortable in your own skin, you would be more attractive!”  That started my journey of self love and LOVING MY BODY!



To be in a healthy relationship, you MUST be in a healthy relationship with yourself.  There is NO WAY around this.

In honor of loving yourself for Valentine’s Day,

I invite you to join me, Female Sensual Lifestyle & Dating Coach

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I will personally take you on a body journey to connect you to your magnetic feminine core and your authentic sensual nature.  I will guide you through a practice that involves the senses and will use gourmet healthy chocolates to connect you back to your body again.  I personally invite you to say YES and give yourself permission to experience natural pleasure, joy and bliss as an empowered female.

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P.S. If you are not able to come to our LIVE event in Los Angeles, please email me and let me know if you would like to host or participate in a LOVE YOUR BODY DAY event in your area.

Have a beautiful and loving day!

With love,

Antoinette Cabral

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Attract a Man Blog

Be claimed by the right man Dating Coach for Women, Antoinette Cabral

No Comments 09 January 2012

Are you making a mistake while dating?

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